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I Know A Chef at 2322

Hi. I'm Paul Lindsay. Thanks for stopping our site.

I Know A Chef at 2322 was grown from my desire to bring a culinary experience to your home. My business is built from relationships, fresh ingredients from local markets, and a lifelong passion for cooking. I like to keep life simple and create a peaceful and connected vibe for my clients.

Whether you want to host a private event, dinner parties, cooking classes, or weekly meals to go, well, now you know a chef!

Shoot me your info on my contact form and we will get started.



I Know A Chef at 2322

Born in Sarasota, Florida. From the age of 15 Shay has dedicated the majority of his life to being a student of the restaurant and hospitality industry.

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in Miami, FL Shay spent the first part of his career with Hillstone Restaurant Group in FL, CA & AZ.


After relocating to AZ he joined the LGO Hospitality Group were he helped lead the companies Culinary Operations for almost a decade.


“There is nothing better in this world than great food and drink and you never get tired of exploring everything that our amazing industry has to offer, it’s a lifestyle”, says Shay. 

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